Firstly, the

Dual-Stream System

We offer Malaysian National Curriculum KSSR and KSSM with enrichment from Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. DSKP for PT3 and SPM are seamlessly enriched and strengthened with IGCSE content.


Secondly, the

21st Century Classroom

We emphasise student-centered active and fun learning. Teachers act as facilitators to guide and inspire students to acquire contextual hands-on independent learning. The collaborative evidence-based learning and public speaking in teamwork spirit creating lifelong learners. Teachers create a learning environment that allows each child to construct his or her own knowledge through critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills. The focus is no longer on LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills) by memorising and recalling information, but on HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills). The goal of the 21st Century Classroom is to prepare our students to become productive members of the workplace.


Holistic Character

We understand that for effective learning to happen, we must focus on moulding a child’s character. We believe that excellence in a child’s character will result in excellence in all that they attempt. With this goal in mind, students move beyond the student role to learn through real world experiences. This develops students who are well-equipped for life. Tests and examinations are no longer the sole means of assessing student learning.


Continuous Evaluation System

We use a unique merit and demerit system to mould and sculpt our students continuously. This is an evaluation system to assess every student in five different aspects, namely classroom attitudes, discipline, extra-curricular activities, social skills and academic performance. Each student will receive merit or demerit points when he or she is in the school premises. The evaluation is a continuous planned process that will lead to a change in the students’ attitudes as well as promote character-building. The students will be nurtured to achieve their full potential. In addition, parents/guardians will receive reports immediately. The merit and demerit system enables us to communicate effectively with students, parents, colleagues and other stakeholders for a holistic approach to character development.