Welcome to
UNICO International

Unico upholds the philosophy of Through knowledge ONE can open their mind. The key to the door of knowledge is education. To fully explore each child’s strength and interest in order to develop every child’s full potential. Our effective student centered approach replaces the traditional passive learning. Each one of our educators and work personnels are dedicated to raising the standard of education and the learners’ growth.

Unico Vision

A Community

A colourful centre of educational, recreational, cultural and social programmes for youngsters and adults from all corners of the world which attracts upon and contributes to progressive, innovative and targeted curriculum.

Effective Academic

A curriculum primarily based totally at the first-class studies proof and on a hit teaching, in addition to studying techniques for kids of various backgrounds and studying needs.

Development Focus

A tradition of non-stop professional guidance for all staff. Unico functions as a portal for educators in a wide range of learning opportunities for constant professional development.

Come and join the futuristic school!