Principal’s Message

Mr Tan Liong Kea
Chinese community is well-known with the quotation phrase: “No matter how poor you are, your child’s education must always be wealthy.

Unico International School can make your dreams turned into a reality. We operate one of the cheapest International School in Malaysia, with special discount offer for single parent children.

In management, we emphasised on three key principles: discipline, quality and teaching pedagogies.

Jim Rohn once said: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” We inculcate self-discipline and group-discipline in our school environment, from personal grooming to queueing up while moving from place to place; from personal attire to group activities. Discipline has become a habitual practice in our school.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better or continuous improvement.” We uphold the fundamental principles of Kaizen to improve our school teaching and learning (T&L) quality. We tailored to the needs and requirements of our students. Academically, we have worksheets prepared by teachers, and the worksheets must be approved by the principal before used, Worksheets must be of suitable length with appropriate notes and exercises. All the teaching and learning (T&L) must be completed within the allocated lesson hour, and no homework is encouraged. We offered both science and arts streams to cater for the competency of different level students. We have a varieties of Extra-curricular activities (ECA) ranges from outdoor basketball, badminton, tennis, taekwondo, karate-do and swimming; to indoor music, dancing, art and design. All are trained by qualified coaches to unearthed the hidden potential among our students.

“Teaching for life” is my motto in over 40 years of teaching life. From teaching college to Chinese primary school teacher, from bachelor degree in Genetics to vocational school general science teacher, from master in management to exemplary teacher DG52, from conforming school to private and international school. Now, as the principal of Unico International School. Undeniably, it is the experience and exposure that count.

In these lifelong teaching journey, I was trained as the main coach (JU) in both General Science and Biology subjects, markers for General Science and Biology SPM examination papers. Panel for General Science and Biology State Trial Examination Papers. I was exposed to changes in Malaysian Educational system, from KLSM, to KBSM, and now KSSM. I gathered my years of experience and knowledge to become the Pan Asia publisher’s SPM Biology reference book and workbook main author. My main concerned still is our Malaysian educators’ teaching pedagogies. From CoRT Thinking to Concept-map; from concept-map to mind-map, and from mind-map to i-Think map. What actually our educational transformation is seeking for? The answer is just simply to convert our teaching pedagogy from “Teacher-centred” to “student-centred”. In other words, from “chalk-and –talk” traditional teaching method to “active- learning” interactive teaching method.

By and large, most of our school educators are still using traditional “teacher-centered” method of teaching in the school. This can easily be seen in most school, “one-way traffic” of teaching is still prevalent, widely recognised and emphasised in most of our private and international schools.

In Unico International School, interactive teaching and learning with “2-ways communication” are strongly emphasised. We introduced “oral-bonus points” and “written-bonus points” in our classroom teaching, to make teachers as facilitators through “inquiring-based instruction” in the classroom. We applied “constructivism” as our main teaching pedagogy, to let our students construct their own knowledge with guided questions posed by our teachers. We implement “contextual learning” to make our students learn through their own experience. We put a lot of emphasis on “cooperative learning” pedagogy to train our students’ ability to gather information and made presentations. Our students used a lot of creative thinking and innovative ideas to solve problems on their own. This was greatly enhanced by their insatiable desire for earning more bonus points through interactive communication with the teachers.

The students are interacting with their teachers all the time, no passive listeners, but active participants are playing their roles. They are excited and alerted in the whole teaching and learning process, because they create their own knowledge by opening up creative and innovative minds to think. Most importantly, there is no stressful pressure from external sources that can kill their interest in studies.

Tan Leong Kea
Principal of Unico International

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