Knowledge is power

Welcome to Unico International School

Knowledge opens your mind, the key to the door of knowledge is EDUCATION.


Unico International School upholds the philosophy of Fun Learning Creates Deep Learning to fully explore each child’s strengths and interests in order to develop every child’s full potential. The school’s dedicated teachers and staff are passionate about education. In our Fun Learning Creates Deep Learning Philosophy, student-centred active learning replaces traditional teacher-centred passive learning. In UNICO, evidence-based hands-on teaching and learning processes replace outdated spoon-feeding chalk and talk pedagogy. The school will implement the Ministry of Education’s 21th Century HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) creativity and critical thinking skills. Our objective is to nurture independent and resilient lifelong learners with excellent character and global outlook.

By developing growth mindset, students will have the right attitude towards learning and intelligence. They will understand that effort is the key to success and will also develop resilience to enable them cope positively with frustrating situations. Our aim is to produce independent global learners who are able to accomplish and meet the challenges of a rapidly globalising world.

Unico International School focuses on holistic evaluation instead of examinations. Rather than concentrating only on academic performance, students undergo more comprehensive evaluation that encompasses character development, including self-confidence, self-discipline, social skills, attitude, passion and extra-curricular activities (ECA).
A merit and demerit evaluation system will award each student with merit points for desired conduct and performance. The school principal and teachers will award merit or demerit points for student behaviour. Parents can access individual student merit-demerit reports online at any time. The aim of continuous student monitoring is to develop all-rounded character development in every student.